Agni (アグニ lit. Aguni) is the first boss you will encounter. His Arcana Release Quest is "Agni Invades", he appears in the temple after finishing all available quests in Chapter 1. He is a Fire element boss that has a crystalline, fiery right arm with spikes trailing up it. He rolls around in circles during normal mode, and makes broad targeting rolls while in rage mode.

It's have 2 other stronger variants: Agni Blaze and Agni Ablaze.


Flaming Sword Sweep: Agni pull back his right arm swing it's summoned sword infront and side of him (in form of a circle).

Flaming Roll: Agni roars, curl into a ball and then jump into the center of the arena. It will continue to roll until it almost reach to the edge of the arena.

One Two Punch: Agni will punch someone close. If it hit someone, he will follow up with an uppercut. Sending the target flying in the air.

Roaring Fire: Agni will roar and then 3 fire balls will come out from his mouth furnace.

Materials DropsEdit

Normal Drops Breakable Parts Drops
Parts Materials
God Armband / 神の腕章 Left & Right Arm Fiery Gauntlet / 炎神の腕
Crystal Powder / 水晶の粉
Fiery Magma Ball / 炎神の溶岩弾
Water of God / 神の水
Fiery Fragment / 焦熱の断片
Fiery Furnace / 燃え盛る炉
Fiery Eye / 焦熱の瞳
Agni Core Shard / アグニのコア破片
Agni Core / アグニのコア


Normal Weakpoint After Breaking
Mouth furnace Left & Right arm

Obtainable TitlesEdit

Title Name How To Get It
Soul Of Fire Defeat Agni 5 times
Volcano Defeat Agni 15 times
Fire Spinner Defeat Agni 30 times


  • Unlike other monsters, Agni's attacks do not weaken or change when you break his arm.
  • In ancient Filipino folktale, there exists a deity named Agni.
  • If you cause the Otherworld symbol to appear over his head when roaring, readying for Scarlet Shock V3, and then quickly move out of the way, he'll home in on you very closely and jump in the other direction and he'll do it again. He is still dazed for less time than normal though.
  • Agni is also in a CAPCOM game called Devil May Cry 3. He is paired with Rudra and both are bosses. They are also dualsword weapons.

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