The infant form of deities who chose to live in the world. There's nothing childish about the divine wrath they can unleash in their attacks.

Baby Xuan Wu is a giant green tortoise with huge boulder-like limbs and serpentine tail. It is only found in one region. It is slow, but can easily chase a player by spinning towards him or her.

Its monster drops contain the word Tortoise.


  • Slam: Baby Xuan Wus would raise their body and slam their front limbs down on those in front of it.
  • Spin: Baby Xuan Wus would do a spin.
  • Spinning Ricochet: Baby Xuan Wus would curl then spin towards the player. They would then bounce around the battlefield. They could use this outside of battle to chase the player.
  • Recover: Baby Xuan Wus would curl up into a tight defense and start healing damage. They could do this outside of battle.


  • Kamma Wind Cave

Item DropEdit

  • Tortoise Carapace
  • Tortoise Bone
  • Tortoise Talon
  • Tortoise Tail
  • Tortoise Talisman
  • God Armband


  • Xuan Wu Core

Coup de GraceEdit

The player swings his/her weapon upward at the face of the Baby Xuan Wu to topple it over on its back. He/She finishes it off by jumping then stabbing it down at its belly.

Tips & StrategiesEdit

  • When it recovers HP, it curls up into a defensive position, rendering all kinds of attacks from player characters to deal 0 damage. To stop the recovery, use powerful battle arts or keep attacking it and eventually it'll stop recovering and get knocked down, giving you a couple of free hits.


  • Baby Xuan Wu's artwork was done by Miho Midorikawa.
  • Xuan Wu is one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations. In English, it is called Black Tortoise and in Japanese, it is called Genbu.