Blaze Goblin (ブレイズゴブリン lit. Bureizugoburin) able to shot fire ball magic instead of being melee fighters like the Goblin Fighter, which causes them to have lower base HP out of all monsters. Like the Goblin Fighter, they also flee from high-leveled players.

"A beast that wields a cudgel imbued with magic power. Incapable of controlling its own magic, it sprays fire indiscriminately around it."
-From ingame monster encyclopedia

Attack Edit

Fireball: Similar to Goblin Fighter, they also do a little jig dance. After that, a magic circle appear on the ground and a fireball shoot from their club with a moderate homing.

Materials Drops Edit

Normal Drops Breakable Parts Drops
Parts Materials
Beast Lard / 獣ラード
Cold Mirror / コールドミラー
Impish Bone / やんちゃの骨
Impish Skull / やんちゃの頭蓋骨
Impish Horn / やんちゃの角
Impish Broken Club / やんちゃ壊れクラブ
Impish Silverwork / やんちゃ銀細工
Goblin Core Shard / ゴブリンのコア破片
Goblin Core / ゴブリンのコア
Goblin Polymerization Core / ゴブリンの重合コア

Location Edit

  • Neumellow Woods
  • Ahbor Desert
  • Kamma Wind Cave
  • Brankad Lava Cave
  • Urtbarn Hill

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