Finvara (フィンヴァラ lit. Finvuara) is a late game monster first encountered in the Scarlet Tower's floors. It can be a tricky opponent at first, but learning when to attack is key. After every attack he'll "reset" his stance, then attack.

He carries around a one-handed sword, like your character would use. He also uses his hand as a shield, much like with Siegfried, he will counter your attack completely if you hit it.

"A knight seen as incarnation of the most profane and demonic forces, It will claim the life of any who dare to stand in its way."

-From ingame monster encyclopedia


  • Standard Combo: Finvara will attack you in the same way you use the one-handed sword, but sometimes he'll stop after one strike, two, or even three.
  • Counter: If you hit his shield, he will counter with an upward slash, then spins around slashing you back. This is not dodgeable or guardable.
  • Turning Slash: Exactly like the Battle Art for the one-handed sword. He has a quick recovery from this.
  • Stinger: Finvarra will charge up then run at you with the sword piercing forward. After a set time or getting to you, he will stop then lunge once striking downward. This attack will arc around you if you are not in front of him.
  • Ground Shockwave: Finvara charges up, holding his sword up, then slams the blade of the sword into the ground sending a shockwave at you.
  • Sonic Wave: It raises it's sword and then shoot a wave. This attack look the same as Air Raid, Sword's 4th Blade Art.

Materials DropsEdit

Normal Drops Breakable Parts Drops
Parts Material
Noble Cape / 伊達男のマント
Nobel Ring / 伊達男の指輪
Noble Head / 伊達男の頭
Nobel Eye / 伊達男の目
Nobel Gauntlet /  伊達男のガントレット
Nobel Armor Shard / 伊達男の鎧シャード
Finvara Core Shard / フィンヴァラのコア破片
Fincara Core / フィンヴァラのコア


  • Finvara is supposed "evil dopperganger" of you created by Vermillion.

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