The strongest subspecies of the 2, Goblin Hunger are not encountered until late in the game. Their color are dark blue. They also flee from high-leveled players.

"An exceedingly rare and combative breed of goblin. No intellectual giant, it lacks leadership skills but compensates with powerful strikes."

-From ingame monster encyclopedia

Attac​ks Edit

  • Smash: It's is the same but have a longer reach due to their jumping. It also can knock down the player to the ground.

Materials DropsEdit

Normal Drops Breakable Parts Drops
Parts Materials
Beast Lard / 獣ラード
Cold Mirror / コールドミラー
Impish Bone / やんちゃの骨
Impish Skull / やんちゃの頭蓋骨
Impish Horn / やんちゃの角
Impish Bone Marrow / やんちゃ骨髄
Impish Goldwork / やんちゃ金細工品
Goblin Core Shard / ゴブリンのコア破片
Goblin Core / ゴブリンのコア
Goblin Polymerization Core / ゴブリンの重合コア
Goblin Concentrated Core / ゴブリンの濃縮コア

Location Edit

  • Rivenhelt Ruins

Tips & Strategies Edit

  • Goblin Hunger doesn't stagger from powerfull attack.

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