A living root, the Mandrake is feared as a bringer of death because of its piercing shriek tears through the souls of the living and causes the gates of the netherworld to creak open.

Mandrake has 2 variants; Mandrake Blue, blue colored and Mandrake Grey, grey colored. All Mandrakes will run away if you attacked it.


  • Refresh: It creates a green field around himself and damages all fools who try to come close and and can inflict Defense Down .

Materials DropsEdit

Normal Drops Breakable Parts Drops
Parts Materials
Veggie Peel / 野菜はがし
Veggie Tuber / 野菜塊茎
Veggie Sap / 野菜樹液
Demon Spike / 悪魔スパイク
Mandrake Core Shard / マンドレイクのコア破片
Mandrake Core / マンドレイクのコア

Tips & StrategiesEdit

  • Using high damage Blade Art will work wonder.
  • Inflicting Stun, Slow, Paralyze or Freeze will stop it from running away.


  • The Mandrake, also known as the Mandragora, is a mythical plant with roots shaped like a small human. When uprooted, it unleashes a horrible scream, said to sound like the wail of a dying child. This scream either deafens or instantly kills those who hear it, depending on the story.

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