Mandrake Blue (マンドレイク・変種 lit. Mandoreiku henshu) is a variation of Mandrake. It's have the same behavior as normal Mandrake; run away when attacked. It mostly appear in later chapter of Gurow Bog.


Refesh: It make it's surrounding in a magical field that damage anything near it.

Materials DropsEdit

Normal Drops Breakable Parts Drops
Parts Materials
Veggie Peel / 野菜はがし
Veggie Tuber / 野菜塊茎
Veggie Sap / 野菜樹液
Demon Spike / 悪魔スパイク
Blue Veggie Parasite / 青色野菜寄生
Mandrake Core Shard / マンドレイクのコア破片
Mandrake Core / マンドレイクのコア
Mandrake Polymerization Core / マンドレイクの重合コア

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