Password are code/words that when you enter it correctly, will give you special stuffs. You can enter the passwords from the Main Menu>5th option.

NPJH50503 00002

The highlighted one


  • If you enter the password correctly, a green texts in the message window will visible.
  • If you enter the password incorrect, "パスワード" (Password) will be in front of the window.
  • If you already entered the password, this words will in the window "パスワードです" (Password is).

Equipment PasswordsEdit

Password Romanji What it unlock
ロードオブアポカリプス roーdoobuapokaripusu Rosa cell Vernon Thika, a good armor at the starting of the game (male and female)
しゅうかんファミつうはもくようびはつばい shuukannfamitsuuhamokuyoubihatsubai Famitsu T-shirt (male and female)
Dengeki_PS Unlock Poritan Helm and Armor, a teddy bear armor (male and female)

Mission PasswordsEdit

Password Romaji What it unlock
4Gamer 4Gamer survey. "Secret of the brothel"
まいつき21にちはVジャンプのひ maitsuki21nichihaVjiLyanpunohi "Jump in the air hole"
いんぷれす・げーむうぉっち inpuresu・geーmuuLocchi "The GAME Watch the monument of mystery!"
こうだんしゃしょうねんまがじんよろしくね koudanshiLyashiLyounmagajinyoroshikune "King of ancient magazine"
じーぱらどっとこむ asoberu, tsukaeru, yakunitatsu!jiーparadottokomu "The Melancholy of Jipara Editorial"
すくえにChan! sukueniChan! "Giant Chan and wander!"
ハンマバキだいこうひょうれんさいちゅう! hannmabakidaikouhiLyourensaichuu! "Then in late Yasha monkey"
そうごうげーむじょうほうさいと・ げーむすぽっとじゃぱん sougougeーmujyouhousaito・geーmusupottojyapann "GameSpot Japan Immaculate"
ガンガンいこうぜ! ganngannikouze! "Pounding exercise!"
おんらいんぷれいやーEX onrainnpureiyaーEX "Knight of trance wandering the ruins"

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