Turning SlashEdit

A spinning slash. It's low Pulse usage allow it to be very useful in any situation.

Sword DancerEdit

Pressing the Triangle button once will make your character stab the ground slash in front of you. Later level allow more combo to be done (press Triangle button). It use alot of Pulse, so watch out.

Here the full combo:

Stab ground and slash > another slash > dash foward (deal damage) > teleport behind enemy and do a heavy slash

Will O' The WispEdit

It's almost the same as Sword Dancer but immobile.

Here the full combo:

Do a X slash > stab the sword to the ground (deal damage) > summon fire > pull the sword (deal damage)

Air RaidEdit

Charge the Sword with wind and fire it to an enemy.  The wind travel really fast plus with high accuracy and have a long range too.

Force SaberEdit

Add a aura to the Sword (increase damage). Can be charge 3 times (white, blue and red).