Troll (トロール lit. Torōru ) are one the "first" monster you will encounter in the game (tutorial). They known for it's rage and brute strength as well as stench coming from its drops. They has four arms; two of which are more prominent, its lower arms. It mainly uses its sword that it carries on its lower right hand, but sometimes it uses all of its fists along with its sword. Trolls are called upon by Nidhogg as minions when it is weak during the battle

The only variant Troll have is Troll Fiend .

"A vicious four-limbed beast. Only death can stop its mighty arms pummeling foes into mincemeat." -From ingame monster encyclopedia


  • Slash: Trolls slash the player with their sword.
  • Twirling Slash: Trolls spin around and end it with a circular slash. It can knock back those nearby.
  • Two-Four Punch: Trolls will roar then punch twice in quick succession with both its left fists then both right fists. They can use this outside of battle.

Materials DropsEdit

Normal Drops Breakable Parts Drops
Part Material
Beast Lard / 獣ラード
Stinky Skull / 臭いの頭蓋骨
Stinky Talon / 臭いの爪
Stinky Epaulet / 臭いの肩章
Stinky Blade Piece / 臭いの剣作品
Stinky Jaw / 臭いの顎
Troll Core Shard / トロールのコア破片
Troll Core / トロールのコア


  • Neumellow Woods
  • Brankad Lava Cave
  • Yormbea Labyrinth
  • Temple Caverns