Troll Fiend are much stronger than the nornal Troll. They are not encountered until late in the game. They are black, simbolizing their demonic strengths.

A demonic beast driven by pure spite, rage and malice, its four limbs send out shockwaves that reduce enemies to dust. -From ingame monster encyclopedia.

Attac​k Edit

  • Slash: A quick sword swing.
  • Twirling Slash: It hold its sword (charging) before making a circle sword swing. This attack will knock away the player.
  • Two-Four Punch: It roars and then thrash it's fists around. Also knock away the player
  • Beast's Charge: If it spot you from afar, they will charge in a straight line and end it with a slash. They can't be knocked down or away, stunned or any other form of crowd control.

Materials DropsEdit

Normal Drops Breakable Parts Drops
Parts Materials
Beast Lard / 獣ラード
Stinky Skull / 臭いの頭蓋骨
Stinky Talon / 臭いの爪
Stinky Epaulet / 臭いの肩章
Stinky Blade Piece / 臭いの剣作品
Stinky Jaw / 臭いの顎
Stinky Giant Glove / 臭いの巨大な手袋
Stinky Giant Spine / 巨大な脊椎
Troll Core Shard / トロールのコア破片
Troll Core / トロールのコア
Troll Polymerization Core / トロールの重合コア

Locations Edit

  • Scarlet Tower
  • Neumellow Woods



  • Troll Fiend can't not be knocked. Either away or down.
  • They can br paralyze and frozen by thunder and ice magic.
  • Troll Fiend will not stagger by powerful attacks and critical attack.

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