Vermillion the Blood Lord
Vermillion is the 6th boss. He is the first boss to have random inputs during his melee duel sequence.

When Vermilion duplicates himself, only his real form will grasp a weapon in its right hand. He will also stand in a different pose than his copies'.



Vermillion has 4 attacks.

Abyssal BeamEdit

Vermillion vanishes and teleports towards the border of the battle zone. He strikes with a long-range attack that can easily be blocked while facing him.

Scarlet Sword Edit

Vermillion vanishes and teleports to a position near you. This attack is a fast frequence of up to 4 attacks that are connected with teleports from different directions. If he hits the first strike you'll probably not be able to defend yourself in the consecutive attacks.

Vermillion ComboEdit

Vermillion vanishes and teleports to a position near you. It's a 3-hit combo starting with an overhead slash, follows up with a radial strike, then finishes with a tail uppercut. Evade or block the attacks, since the combo has a good chance to stun you should you get hit. The final attack in this is added after the CMD.

Illusion NovaEdit

Vermillion vanishes and appears with 3-5 illusions that do fire ranged attacks. They encircle you at the border of the battle field. Try to hit the real Vermillion (the one with a red aura).


  • Tail
  • Left and right hand


  • Tail

Item DropsEdit

  • Conqueror Bone
  • Conqueror Talon
  • Conqueror Horn
  • Conqueror Crest
  • Conqueror Hair
  • Conqueror Heart
  • Dark King's Eye (Vermilion Beta)
  • Dark King's Head (Vermillion Beta)
  • Overlord Sword Bit (Vermilion Gamma)
  • Conqueror R. Arm (Breakable)
  • Conqueror L. Arm (Breakable)
  • Conqueror Tail  (Breakable)


  • Conqueror Core
  • Conqueror Core+ ( Only obtained by Vermilion Beta and Gamma)

Titles ObtainedEdit

Slashing Soul -  Gained after killing 5 or more Vermilion-Type Monsters.

Emperor - Gained after killing 15 or more Vermilion-Type Monsters.

Scarlet King - Gained after killing 30 or more Vermilion-Type Monsters.


  • Vermillion has two teleporting attacks, one where he lunges forwards while teleporting and attacks in front of you, the other is when he levitates idly, charging up a ball of darkness before he teleports and attacks behind you. If he used the charging one, he will levitate lower (if you dodge the strike) than the other attack.
  • Vermilion's, as well as his other version's theme is "Vermilion".
  • Monster Encyclopedia: "Its full title is "Vermilion the Blood Lord". Before the almighty power of Arcana, there was only abyss which led to utter destruction." "The body of the Blood Lord who seeks the Arcana is divided in to three separate parts. The second of this merciless being's form has been awakened... " "The body of the Blood Lord who seeks the Arcana is divided in to three separate parts. The third of this merciless being's form has been awakened"

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